Aktuell kann man sich bei Amazon das Buch „The Art of Overwatch“ in der limited Edition (Gebundene Ausgabe/ englisch) für 54,99€ sichern.


  • Deluxe limited edition comes packaged in a beautiful clamshell box with magnetic closure and includes an acetate slipcover featuring the game’s most popular hero, Tracer.
  • Two portfolios containing a total of three prints chosen by the Overwatch team!
  • Introduction and commentary provided by the game’s development team!
  • Essential companion to the international best-selling game Overwatch!
  • Overwatch is a global phenomenon with 30 million players!
  • Produced in close partnership with Blizzard
  • Overwatch creation revealed!
  • Behind-the-scenes look at your favorite characters!
  • Beautiful hard cover book filled with never-before-seen Overwatch artwork!


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